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The Service

BlueFish eMarketing services include various specific campaign tactics with powerful tools to produce the best possible results and Return on Investment (ROI); from Email Marketing including Mobile Marketing, Social Media (BlueFish Facebook & Twitter pages), and to Advertising on our website.

Our email and online marketing services are effective and have proved to be a valuable online marketing tool. They are extremely cost effective, and best of all, people like receiving messages from companies they care about.

And that’s where our emailing thrives!

We feel strongly about building relationships with people who already know us now and decided that, yes, they want to keep receiving eAdverts from us. They want to hear about new products on the market, they want to hear about hot deals, new services, special discounts, sales promotions and more.

And thanks to digital technology – and consumers’ growing comfort with it – getting the right message at the right time is an easier connection than ever before!

BlueFish Integrated Email & Online Marketing:
Email Marketing
Google Advertising by BlueFish Digital
Social Media Marketing
Advertising on BlueFish Website
eBrochure (online Brochure – check link for example)
Corporate eNewsletters
Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting by
Website Design & Redesign
Product or Service promotion